A new design – Interactive Cooking!

As the blog’s original purpose was to make a fun cooking project via involving the community, a new design came to mind: the foods will be cooked in several stages, with pauses inbetween; the community can then throw me with ideas as to how to spice up the food alongside the process!

Let’s make the strangest impromptu recipes!


Welcome to the Cook Project

Do you want to see one of your cooking ideas come to life?
Just want your favorite dish being presented by the chef yet-to-be known to the world?

The Cook at your service; this blog is THE place looking to give just that for you, while taking pictures (in the future I intend on doing videos) of the process, and giving a taste-test by the end; everything to your order shall be done and cooked.


Feel free to bomb me with ideas; The Cook WILL do them right away! The Cook Project – START! Note that the essence of the project is to be an INTERACTIVE, COMMUNITY BASED blog; new ideas will spring up as we’re going into it more, I’m sure.

Cook’s note: the picture I used features the pastry I have confidence in: the Gerbeaud.

If you want to support the project, here is what you might want to do:

  1. You say your idea about what you want to see cooked
  2. you send money via PayPal to cookproject@mailbox.hu
  3. and The Cook gets into making it RIGHT AWAY.