Welcome to the Cook Project

Do you want to see one of your cooking ideas come to life?
Just want your favorite dish being presented by the chef yet-to-be known to the world?

The Cook at your service; this blog is THE place looking to give just that for you, while taking pictures (in the future I intend on doing videos) of the process, and giving a taste-test by the end; everything to your order shall be done and cooked.


Feel free to bomb me with ideas; The Cook WILL do them right away! The Cook Project – START! Note that the essence of the project is to be an INTERACTIVE, COMMUNITY BASED blog; new ideas will spring up as we’re going into it more, I’m sure.

Cook’s note: the picture I used features the pastry I have confidence in: the Gerbeaud.

If you want to support the project, here is what you might want to do:

  1. You say your idea about what you want to see cooked
  2. you send money via PayPal to cookproject@mailbox.hu
  3. and The Cook gets into making it RIGHT AWAY.