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We’ve gone live for fundraising!

If you’re interested, do check out


A new design – Interactive Cooking!

As the blog’s original purpose was to make a fun cooking project via involving the community, a new design came to mind: the foods will be cooked in several stages, with pauses inbetween; the community can then throw me with ideas as to how to spice up the food alongside the process!

Let’s make the strangest impromptu recipes!

First Project – idea compilation

So here we go, the first two ideas are from Pixelated Soul, 

Chocolate-Coconut cake AND Hot pepper Hamburger

Coconut Cake

  Hot pepper burger


Well, I DID ask you for interesting ideas; we have another contender (combining the two): Choco-Coconut-Burger-Cake! If you want me to go with it, say so, and don’t forget, you’re free to use your ideas to spice up things!


Received a lot of new ideas: Oreo Pizza; this interesting post here by Alastor K.: “deep-fried cheeseburger on pretzel bun,
sweet & spicy chili – made with a fruit(s) alternative to tomatos”. Sound challenging and tasty. And chocolate soup.

Also, if someone with ANY idea financially supports his idea, I’ll do it right away, via PayPal.